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Master Auto Collision FAQs


Q: How does your Deductible Program work?
A: Your Deductible savings is determined by the dollar amount of the repair. Historically we have been able to save our customers their entire deductible amount, but first we need to give you a free estimate to determine you exact deductible savings.

Q: With so much damage to my vehicle, will my vehicle ever be right again?
A: We repair all vehicles to pre-accident condition returning them to manufactures specifications.
The vehicle is refinished with a factory paint, this is he same paint used by original manufacturer.

Q: My insurance company wants to total my vehicle, but I still owe more on the vehicle than what they are willing to settle on my claim.
What are my options?
A: This happens when a customer is (Up Side Down) in their loan, to the value of their vehicle. In this case, the customer can be paid off for the damage
to the vehicle and repurchase the vehicle back from their insurance company. Each case is different so ask the repair facility for further details.

Q: Do I have to get more than one estimate?
A: No, There is no law in the state of North Carolina that says you have to get more than one estimate. If an insurance company asks you to get more than one
explain to them that you would prefer to only work with Master Auto Collision. The Insurance company can send their own adjustor out to look at the vehicle.
If the insurance company gives you an estimate, we will repair according to their approved estimate and contact them directly if supplement is needed.